THE BEST INVENTIONS OF 2022 - A Virtual Public Square Metaverse Seoul


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Seoul Metropolitan Government



NOVEMBER 10, 2022 6:08 AM EST


The City of Seoul believes the metaverse can be harnessed for public good. Its Metaverse Seoul, the first platform of its kind developed by a city, launched this year in beta to more than 3,000 residents who can use avatars to explore a virtual Seoul City Hall and play games in Seoul Plaza. Younger visitors can use the platform for career counseling and mentoring. The city government’s five-year vision is to build out a full-service virtual world—in which people can do things like obtain licenses and lodge service complaints—that lowers barriers to communication with residents and visitors. As a high-tech city, “we [want] to pre-emptively use this untapped space,” says Metaverse Seoul’s Hosun Chae. The platform is slated to open to all residents by the end of the year.


출처 : Metaverse Seoul: The 200 Best Inventions of 2022 | TIME


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